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ioSafe 214

The ioSafe 214 is a fireproof and waterproof, network connected, multi-drive NAS/RAID storage device for terabytes of your precious or business data. Designed to be the center of your private cloud, the ioSafe 214 is powered by a Synology DSM motherboard and operating system. It allows for fast access on your local network and remote access from nearly any device connected to the internet – all secured and protected by you.
  • Fireproof and waterproof, this NAS is a f**king TANK…..and we mean that in the most badass way possible.
  • While the hardware is great, the amazong part of the package is the software. Synology’s DSM 5.0 software has changed the way we obtain, manage and consume our content.
  • This 2 bay NAS can utilize 8TB internally(as of now) as well as external drives, which makes our hoarding hearts happy.
  • With all our data in our own personal cloud available for sharing with others, we can save $$$/year on Dropbox….but if you kept it, you can sync Dropbox and Google Drive to the NAS.

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Colm and Michael are gadget freaks and are always looking for cutting edge technology, even if there’s a high price for it. On the bright side, it’s a little cheaper today than when they constantly bought unlocked GSM phones from Europe, right? #bankrupt



We LOVE playing video games. Whether it’s DOTA 2, Madden tournaments on the road or just streaming casual match ups on our Twitch channel, the entire T4 Show team always makes sure to get their daily fix of gaming.



It’s the hottest new category in technology and nothing fascinates Michael more than figuring out integrating wearable technology into his life. Colm isn’t quite convinced yet, but Michael is slowly converting him.



With countless apps available on multiple platforms, it’s not all that difficult to become an app junkie. Colm and Michael definitely fall into that classification and are proud of it. Reviewing apps has been a staple of T4 Show since its inception in January 2007.



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Michael Manna


Michael Manna was born 1971 in Philadelphia, PA in a small neighborhood not too far from where the Rocky movies were filmed. Michael has always loved technology from an early age- and that love has only grown with time. For the past 23 years, Michael has enjoyed success in the professional wrestling business as “Stevie Richards”. However, even throughout the years with ECW, WCW, WWE, TNA, and his number one passion has always been technology.

That passion for technology finally had a public outlet when Michael founded the T4 Show in early 2007. To this day, Michael is still that little child inside with a love for Super Bases Loaded for SNES and that comes out in every piece of content published.

Michael, also, currently contributes as a technology expert to numerous national radio and television broadcasts, incuding Fox and Friends First.

Josh Coleman

Host/Editor in Chief

Josh Coleman is the owner and founder of JMaverick Design. JMaverick Design has worked with many high profile clients including WebMD, CDW, TMG/McMurry and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Josh also began a podcast in 2005 called The Colmination. It was a weekly comedy/pop culture show which even made it to the Top 10 on, popular at the time, Podcast Alley. In 2009, Josh joined forces with Michael Manna from the T4 Show and the two of them have done hundreds of shows together.

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